The best boats I have had the pleasure to paddle.

Kayak Bute and Tiderace were at the Scottish Paddle Show a couple of weeks ago and it was great to catch up with profesional guide, coach and owner of Kayak Milos, Rod Feldtmann  who was also at the show promoting those warm Mediterranean waters. I paddled out in Greece with Rod a couple of years ago. Apart from the excellent coaching and guiding I thoroughly enjoyed the  landscape and coast line of Milos. Incidentally Rod is a geologist so he brings a lot to the party when he is guiding re local knowledge and detailed insight.

Rod and my paddle pals, UK based Sue and Dave who work for Kayak Milos in the summer came back to my house on the Isle of Bute after the show and I lent them Tiderace boats to go and play with for the week. Here is whatRod had to say about paddling those Tiderace kayaks.

Thoughts from a professional

Rod, professional guide, coach and owner Kayak Milos off Garroch Head Light, Isle of Bute.

Really enjoyed the paddling around your neck of the woods (Isle of Bute) and the Tiderace boats were excellent, certainly the best boats I have had the pleasure to paddle.

I paddled the Xplore-L on the first day around southern Bute and while handled nicely,  I preferred the more snug fitting cockpit of the lower volume Xplore-M (Hardcore Construction) and the Xcape, which I paddled on subsequent days.  The Xplore-M looked after me on day 2 around northern bute, where gusting crosswinds were no problem at all.  The direction stability is excellent-almost no skeg required.  The 14km crossing to Arran in a force 4 headwind in the fully loaded Xcape was by far the most memorable day.  I almost forgot it was fully loaded until I had to pick it up when landing on a rocky beach after the crossing.

I hope you had a successful demo weekend and I wish you all the best on your Tiderace venture.  I will certainly be spreading the word.  If you get the chance to come out for some sunshine, you are always welcome on Milos.

All best Rod,  Kayak Milos


About Roddy at Kayak Bute

Passionate about the seascape of Scotland and its islands and mountains. And the great people you meet on your journeys. Sea Kayak Guide and Coach.
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2 Responses to The best boats I have had the pleasure to paddle.

  1. Chris says:

    My 1st ever blog !

    Tried, tested, paddled Tiderace boats, as soon as I paddled the Xtra, I connected, it was the one. After years of ww and open canoeing and a spot of being on the sea, never felt so comfortable.
    As Pam blogged, Roddy said the boat you want is the boat that makes you smile.
    Mine makes me SMILE.
    Enough said.
    Thank you Roddy.
    Thank you Pam.
    Thank you Ronnie.
    See you on the water.

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