Top Tips On Packing A Sea Kayak

As a professional guide I do a lot of packing for multi day trips. Here I’m packing one of Kayak Bute’s demo kayaks, the brilliant Tiderace Xtra, in preparation for journeying to some of the great tide races and play spots on the west of Scotland.


About Roddy at Kayak Bute

Passionate about the seascape of Scotland and its islands and mountains. And the great people you meet on your journeys. Sea Kayak Guide and Coach.
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10 Responses to Top Tips On Packing A Sea Kayak

  1. Tam says:

    Hi Roddy, great wee film, well done. T.

  2. Roddy says:

    Thanks Tam. Making videos is a lot more stressful than paddling the kayaks!

  3. John says:

    A fine video Roddy, very informative and good to see other peoples views and practices.

  4. Uiscemac says:

    Thanks for posting Roddy. Best demonstration on how to pack a sea kayak I’ve ever seen. Fantastic tips !
    I’ve had four off shore camps this summer. If I had seen your video beforehand I’d have saved myself a lot if hassle. Well done !

  5. The carry bags are such a useful idea, I wonder why it was not self-evident to me before, but it wasn’t.

  6. Jan Pihl says:

    Where do you buy the vaccumpacked boatrepair,

  7. Katharine says:

    Great instructional video, I can now pack my sea kayak in properly, since I usually tend to forgot something, because I always in a hurry when we have this kind of activity in our family.

  8. Michael Götz says:

    If you go for a long sea kayaking tour and you wonder how to pack the boat just do two things: first watch Roddy’s video and then imitate him exactly. Down to the size of the stuffbags, the IKEA carriers, how to distribute the load etc. Number your bags! If you were concerned that you can’t fit everything into two IKEA bags worry no more: he canna either. On a week’s trip he needs three, just like you and me. Do NOT place the bags on the sand when you pack the boat: they go in the cockpit!! Brilliant video from a brilliant guide!

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