Sea Kayak Tow Lines

As a coach and guide I do a bit of towing for real. Question, how best to avoid the tow line snagging when you need to disengage it from the kayak or kayaks being towed? As that old sailors saying goes “if it can snag it will” so getting rid of anything like knots will obviously mean less bits to get caught up.IMG_3078

One solution is to use sailors whipping to get rid of the knot where the shackle is attached to the tow line. All you need is some whipping twine and some sail needles from a yacht chandlers and perhaps a little guidance on that whipping thing.

So here’s the kit















And guidance on how to do the whipping came in the form of this great little slide show:

I used the needle to pull the thread back through the ropes when tidying up the ends. You could add a finishing touch where the whipping twine finishes and the two ends are exposed with a little gaffer tape or shrink wrap if you felt it necessary.  Job done.



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Passionate about the seascape of Scotland and its islands and mountains. And the great people you meet on your journeys. Sea Kayak Guide and Coach.
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One Response to Sea Kayak Tow Lines

  1. Humphrey says:

    you came up with a great idea, I will take a little time to think it through, thanks

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