Sea Kayak Guide Carol Lang’s Thoughts About The Tiderace Xcite

Carol Lang is a partner in Seafreedom kayak business and an outdoor education professional. She is a BCU Level 3 sea kayak coach and also a rock climbing instructor.

Here is what she had to say about using a Tiderace Xcite as her work platform:

“As a coach, getting the chance to paddle a tide-race kayak for a season was a treat – somewhat equivalent of being given a Ferrari to do a test lap in – except that lap was 7 months long!

It took no time at all to settle into paddling the x-cite, and I quickly discovered that it was a complete joy to paddle. The kayaks performance and responsiveness felt smooth and It’s water track felt effortless. The more I paddled the tide-race x-cite the more I felt the sweetness of the interaction between hull and the ocean!

The build quality of Tiderace sea kayaks is 2nd to none and I was stoked at how the kayak worked with me in all sorts of conditions and took as much abuse as I could fire at it including just a few landings on rocky shores!
There are lots of features of the Xcite that I really rate. The footrests are easy to adjust at sea which is handy for increased connectivity to the kayak for changing conditions. There is tonnes of space for camping gear and all those extra bits of guide kit too – so much so that on 4-6 day trips I even had room for an extra bottle of wine! The front pod is a great feature too, and is a particularly useful and ample space for all those bits and pieces such as sun-cream, day/night flare, waterproof note book/tide table/ a few snacks and a small digital camera. One huge bonus for me were the dry as a bone hatches.
Overall, although the kayak was a little on the big size for me, the extra volume was hardly noticeable even in strong winds. Its manoeuvrability and responsiveness made me fall in love with it within seconds. When I look at a tide-race kayak I see quality, precision, and finesse. If, up until now, you’ve only dared look and not touch one of these beauties, I recommend allowing yourself a test drive at the very least. You definitely won’t regret it!”


When she’s not testing Tiderace kayaks Carol also somehow finds time to run Gael 8 her own really cool ethical clothing business. She’s really good at story telling too and a big thanks from us here at Kayak Bute for this story and the images Carol.

Tiderace Xcite

View our Tiderace  demo program here.


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